Volunteering Opportunities

Let us co-create the Golden Age!!

A person's skills are like the lights of candles; the more he or she shares them, the more they brighten up the environment, manifesting manifold!

From food to music, from movies to videos, from forwards to reposts and hashtags, we constantly create, consume and share. We are reflections of what we create and share because we become what we consume.

Let us fill the world with inspiring thoughts and messages of positivity to absorb and practise as a way of life. Let us use the power of the internet to help connect to our inner nets. Let us use the screen time to open our inner screens. Let us create more constructive content to help shift human consciousness to divine consciousness.

By serving the world and giving ourselves an incredible opportunity to transform, let us co-create the Golden Age!!

Volunteering Opportunities

Creative Content Writer
and Script Writer

As a creative content writer, you will play a major role in spreading awareness with a creative and effective writing style. It is crucial to clearly outline the Organisation’s ideology and activities by creating unique, fact-filled, quality and engaging content for the required niche, with thorough research.

Social Media Manager

The central purpose of this position is to fill the internet with upbeat and inspiring content with the aim of steering society towards happiness and harmony.

Video Editors

If a picture could speak louder than words, what to say of a video? Videos deliver the essence of a matter in the least possible time, with the utmost impact.

Content Editors

Reaching out to the right audience with relevant content is the primary goal of the Content Team. Being a Content Editor, your responsibility is not only to make the content attractive but also to make it actionable.

Graphic Designer

In today’s emerging world, a graphical representation of any content is one of the most effective way of sharing ideas and inviting people to join hands. All your creative skills can be put onto the job to achieve the desired goal.

Photo Editor

As the saying goes, “Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder”; a photo editor beholds, captures and highlights the beauty of their subjects. One requires a sharp eye for detail, a keen sense of beauty, high levels of creativity and a deep reservoir of patience.

Radio Presenter

The engaging and social nature of radio and its powerful connection with its audience makes radio the perfect way to transform the world to be more positive and vibrant.

Web Developers

Design, code and modify websites, from layout to function and Strive to create visually appealing sites that feature user-friendly design and clear navigation.

IOS APP Developers

If Mobile app development is your passion and your inspiration is to create a next generation app then this is the perfect opportunity for you.

Audio Editor

This is a unique opportunity to edit the most inspiring audios and spread positivity to the fellow citizens of the globe.


Voracious readers, passionate writers, fluent in two or more languages, with the ability to deliver the author’s exact sentiments in another dialect are the basic requisites to being translators for regional as well as foreign languages.


An artist with a deep sense of creativity, vivid imaginative power and an equal measure of wit…does this sound like you? We are looking for a unique story teller who can move people and spark positive change through the visual language.

Sanskrit Transliterator

To convey the meaning behind the most beautiful and ancient language of Sanskrit while preserving its richness and sanctity, is a challenging but, indescribably rewarding task. If you think this challenge resonates within your soul, this opportunity is for you.

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